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Wholesale Jeweler in Montreal Open To The Public


Bijoux Majesty is a family run, international diamond wholesaler and custom diamond jeweller focused on providing the highest quality diamonds possible for our valued customers.

At Bijoux Majesty we do our best to provide our customers with high-quality engagement rings and diamond jewelry at the lowest prices possible. Our team of professionals enjoy helping people find jewelry pieces that they will cherish forever at a price they can afford. We believe in making wholesale jewelry Montreal accessible by always being open to the public.

Who we are

Our father/son founders noticed a gap in the jewelry market—both locally in Montreal and online. It seemed the market was full of high-end jewelry at a high markup and low-quality knock-off jewelry. Prepared with 50 years of experience in sales and manufacturing within the diamond industry, they decided to start their own diamond business to offer something different.

Why we do what we do

Jewelry is something both our founders have always loved, and providing opportunities for working and middle-class families to access great jewelry makes them proud. Upon founding the business, it was important to them to source excellent pieces at a price that more people could afford so that regardless of budget people could have a luxurious lifestyle. Over time, through buying power, the founders also gained access to top-notch quality GIA diamonds that cater to larger budgets and even extend exclusive discounts for them.



What we value

From the beginning the focus has been on customer service. We do our best to meet the needs of each of our customers. We enjoy taking a part in some of the most meaningful times in our customers’ lives. We love it when customers come back to share wedding and engagement photos. We also love when they share their experience with us!

Here is a recent testimonial we received from a customer:


"Just got back home from shopping with Bijoux Majesty. We were so happy with the service we received! We felt like every detail of our rings was explained to us perfectly, and that all of our questions were answered in the most comfortable environment! We were nervous coming in but you put us at ease and  we're so happy with the quality of the rings we ended up buying. Your prices are phenominal! We definitely couldn't have bought these pieces anywhere else for the price we paid! Thank you so much, Ryan!" --Evan


Caring about couples and families extends to the countries where we source our jewellery which is why we are conflict free. By refusing to purchase blood diamonds we take no part in the conflicts abroad that tear apart families and steal years from the lives of innocent civilians.




Our Website

We recently re-designed our website in an effort to cater to our customers better. We strongly believe in maintaining relationships with our customers and love having a new platform to display our craft and keep in touch. We have added pieces from our jewelry collection to our website as a way to showcase our wide variety of styles. Although we have a lot of pieces online, we carry many more at our Montreal Jewelry Store. We also love sharing exclusive coupons and deals to our loyal customers.

Our future

As we move into the future, we at Bijoux Majesty aspire to continue making customer satisfaction our primary focus while growing our reach and being able to help even more people buy excellent jewelry at an affordable price. With a growing demand for wholesale jewelry Montreal customers are allowing us to constantly expand our inventory and purchase in bulk to receive the best discounts possible. Our motivation is to keep our prices as low as possible and to pass on the savings to our customers!